We provide subcontracting and contract manufacturing services for welded steel structures as well as machinery and equipment to technology companies operating in various industries. All you have to do is place an order, after which we will be responsible for the entire order-supply chain. Our tasks may include manufacturing, assembly, surface treatment, documentation, quality control and warehousing, according to your wishes.

Machine and equipment assembly

We offer machine and equipment assembly as a turnkey service. In such case, we are responsible for assembly work, testing, ensuring operation, storage and shipping the products to your company for the right need and at the right time. Thanks to our service, your need for storage space is eliminated and assembly resources are no longer needed.


Serial products

We take responsibility for the serial production and assembly of the products and, if necessary, also for their storage. Thanks to our service, storage space is no longer needed and can be used for other purposes. The delivery of products to your company takes place according to the JIT principle – just in time.


Project manufacturing

We take care of the manufacturing process of one-time products on your behalf. If necessary, we take responsibility for the entire project, and we are involved from the project definition and quotation phase to documentation and quality assurance. Thanks to our project expertise, we deliver the product at a competitive price, while ensuring that the project is completed reliably and on time.