Our story

Holvia was born out of a vision, experience and a genuine desire to help companies do better business. Instead of being a conventional machine shop, we apply the so-called hybrid model, where our core mission is to connect our customers with the engineering services that best suit them – expertly and at a competitive price.

We are familiar with all of this, as our company combines more than a hundred years of experience in international sourcing as well as machinery and equipment manufacturing in several different industries. Our long experience brings a diverse ability to solve our customers’ challenges and create the conditions for them to grow, develop and become more competitive in business.

Our network

Our expertise is complemented by an international network of companies specializing in various services. Versatility helps us to better meet the needs of our customers, which is why we are also actively developing and expanding our network. We carefully select each of our partners so that we can guarantee the quality of both our products and our operations to our customers.

In addition to customer orders, we offer our partner companies physical work space in Hollola in Lahti and help them grow networked together with other players in the industry. We also work closely with educational institutions in the area.

The people behind the company

Juha Soini

Juha Soini is a Tampere-based entrepreneur with a successful career of almost 30 years working in companies he has founded. Juha has extensive experience both in the field of environmental technology and in managing companies that focus on technology and manufacturing engineering industry. In Holvia, Juha carries the cloak of the CEO on his shoulders, and out of all his areas of expertise, engineering entrepreneurship is closest to his heart.

Motto: “You can achieve much by working hard and believing in your own success. No one can solve everything alone, but we need people around us who are more skilled than ourselves and complement each other.”

Kimmo Tolonen

Kimmo Tolonen is a workshop professional with 30 years of experience in management positions in manufacturing industries. During his career, he has worked for several metal engineering companies that have provided subcontracting, contract manufacturing or in-house manufacturing ranging from heavy equipment to sheet metal products. In Holvia, Kimmo works as the Chief Operating Officer.

Motto: ”Some talk, others do.”

Edgars Krüze

Edgars Krüze is a passionate developer of his own skills and wants to learn something new every day. Ten years of experience in the successful management of B2B customers and new customer acquisition have created great communication skills. Edgars is a professional with analytical and good logical thinking skills and he knows how to set and especially achieve goals. At Holvia, Edgars leads our operations and customers in the Baltics and Eastern Europe.  

Motto: “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.” 


Timo Syväjärvi

Timo Syväjärvi is a graduate engineer with an international career in management positions in machining and within contract metal manufacturing. He has more than 25 years of experience in product development, sales and marketing, working in the customer interface and growing the business. Timo is the creator of connections, Holvia’s Ostrobothnian “Wizard of Oz” and a partner who is always available.

Motto: ”What got you here, won’t get you there.”